Is your website showing as 'Not Secure'?
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Why is my website showing as 'Not Secure'?

Your website is showing as 'Not Secure' because there isn't a secure connection between your website and the people who visit it. Even if you don't take payments or process any data through your website this still represents a security risk; this is why web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge are issuing warnings to your visitors.

Websites that are not secure will send and receive data that is unencrypted, risking the exposure of that data to a malicious third part. More worrying however, such websites may also fall victim to a man-in-the-middle attack, in which your website visitors are unknowingly redirected to bogus or virus-contaminated websites.

If your website uses WordPress you will also find that WordPress's Site Health Check (available in version 5.2 under 'Tools') is reporting 'Your site does not HTTPS' as a security issue.

How do I make my website secure?

You need to install a security certificate, known as an SSL Certificate, for your website. This certificate is registered to your domain name (i.e. website address) and installed through your website hosting.

In addition to installing an SSL Certificate, work will need to be done on your website to ensure that the new secure connection becomes the default and that all areas of your site use the new secure connection; this will require a full site audit.

How much will all this cost?

Most hosting companies/website service providers will charge an annual fee for these certificates. In addition, you may have to do some work yourself to apply for, and install, the certificates. They are also likely to charge a one-off fee to convert your site to use the new secure connection, even assuming they offer such a service.

A few hosting services will provide SSL Certificates for free; we're one of those services. In addition, we will do all the work installing it for you, and also carry out a full site audit to get your website working properly, also free of charge.

What are my options?

As SSL certificates are applied through your website hosting account we will need to host your website to provide these free services to you. We firmly believe our hosting provides the best value and most benefits to you for the following reasons:

We hope you'll agree that our hosting services represent excellent value and quality. If you wish to remain with your existing website hosting company/website service provider, then you'll need to contact them about purchasing, applying for, and installing an SSL certificate, and also about converting your website to use the new secure connection by default.

What's the 'One Simple Step'?

Just make the decision to let us host your website for you! If you're happy to provide us with the access to your current hosting you need do nothing more as we should be able to take a full copy of your site from there. If you don't have direct access to your hosting account, then your current hosting company/website service provider should be able to provide a full-site copy for you, usually free of charge.

Once we have your new website hosting set up (including SSL Certificate) we'll ask you to make a simple change to your domain name (i.e. your website address) and within 48 hours your new hosting will be live. There will be no down time for your website and the change should be completely seamless. Only at this point will we send an invoice, and you no longer need to renew your old website hosting.

Who are you and how do I get in contact?

We're PSLWeb and have been providing website hosting, design and consultancy services to UK clients for over fifteen years. Please visit our website for more information.

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